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Journey in New Media Models

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INTRO: Here I’ll attempt to chronicle my journey in the future of journalism and new media. My plan is to be as transparent as possible. I’ve decided to include my secret thoughts, plans, and goals. Many of my posts will be ‘too much info.’ I’ve never consisted myself a writer. I have a passion for media and detecting bullshit in the world. I’m first and foremost an entrepreneur and salesman. I believe in the principles of new media and therefore begin blogging myself.

As much as I believe in the power of decentralized media and its future, I also believe that community journalism still needs a very slight handed editor. Something similar to glue. A system to hold and organize ideas and goals. I also beleive that such a system can be monetized, although ever so slightly.

Since my journey began quite some time ago, I’ll bring you up to speed on my ideas in the next series of posts. Many people have influenced me to this point and I will include those stories here.

My basic premise is media and journalism are changing. I believe that I, with the help of many others, will be successful in creating a economically sustainable business model that pays writers, bloggers and journalists for their crafts by building passionate communities around new techniques of collection, disseminating, producing, and consuming information in the next phase of our information age.

To true value of these posts will come from cataloging the journey. Rather than be self consciencous of my writing skills, I’ll through grammar and style to the wind by adopting Guy Kawasaki’s “don’t worry, be crappy” approach.

I spent time pondering whether or not I should reveal too many secrets of my plans. My general thoughts on this issue are that if you are like minded and believe in my direction and efforts, then you really ought to join me rather than compete with me. I’m definitely not the only person or team working towards a new media model, and instead of keeping my thoughts and ideas private, I’d rather share information and dare others to out execute my team’s collective efforts.


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August 8, 2009 at 5:04 am

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